Support Renewable Energy at Highland Bridge

As part of the Highland Bridge project’s commitment to renewable energy, all residential and commercial customers of Xcel Energy will have the opportunity to participate in Renewable Source at Highland, a unique program that will power the Highland Bridge development with hydro and solar energy produced in Saint Paul.

Pending approval by the Public Utilities Commission, Renewable Source at Highland will operate as a subscription-based program that enables participants to support renewable energy by opting into a fixed-rate hydro and solar fuel charge and opting out of the standard variable-rate fuel charge. The amount of the credit corresponds to the individual subscription level.

This potential offering is like current options to subscribe to sun share or other facilities via a customer’s home energy bill, whereby a customer may choose to purchase renewable energy rather than standard electricity. Subscribing to Renewable Energy at Highland would not change the delivery of the power, rather a customer would opt to pay more for a clean source. Participation in Renewable Source at Highland is not limited by a subscriber’s geographic location.

Further information on the program can be found in Highland Bridge Indication of Interest. Questions may be directed to Jim Pearson (full contact info below).

To express your interest in renewable energy at Highland Bridge, please complete the Renewable Source at Highland Indication of Interest form and return to:

James Pearson
Xcel Energy | You. Us. Together.
Manager, Community Relations and State Government Affairs
825 Rice Street, St. Paul, MN 55117
p: 651-229-2230